First Chakra founding and messages

Today I’m channeling my first chakra to see if everything is in order and to help to make changes where needed.. Here we go: “Blessings of being alive!” start that sparkly  energy at the base of my body.. ” .. and congratulation for the manifestations are taking places in your life! Your dreams are coming alive and right now all you need to do is to remember to keep pushing trough the energy .. you are birthing an upgraded of version of yourself, one octave higher of what you were accustomed. Your new self  is more magnificent and expensive that you could even imagine!

Here few practical steps to help you move through the energy: it is like traveling trough the birth canal; you want ease and grace.

1- Go into your garden every morning, barefoot,  and water your plants. You are norturing nature and nature is nurturing you. it is an exchange with your mama, that will help your new embodiment to take place. by merging with nature first thing in the morning first thing in the morning you are celebrating  your presence here, as a daughter of Nature and you are stating your commitment to be in a co-creative relationship with the forces of Nature. Remember to drink a lot of water, with half squeezed lemon, so that the energy of the sun will be with you all day supporting your blossoming into process.

3- Dance! This is one of the most fun ways to state your presence on Earth and will infuse you with powerful life force, joy for life, and courage to take on any and all the challenges that being a powerful being mean..

4- Eat roots .. in particular carrots and beets and sweet potatoes..

5- Give your menstrual blood to the earth as a sacred offering.

When I ask if there is anything interrupting the easy flows of energy trough my first this is what I heard: ” Maia, please do not worry about the future. There is no such a time as the future. Focus on perceiving the here and now of the moment. Moment after moment. Please, be enthusiastic about your daily chores. The only reason your routine feels repetitive and tiring it is because you are trying to figure out things with your mind, instead of remembering you are living a spiritual adventure, filled with the magic of the unknown. Take care of that clutter! Look at it as little children demons that need some teachings about keeping things in place! Everything has a place, Maia. Everything has a spirit and everything has a place to be. Also, focus on reducing consuming and owning objects. Be minimalist. Too much possessions cause  your chakras to be clogged ”


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