My relationship with Nimble started few days ago, when she visited the Mi intuitive class to introduce her self and her magic to the students. She is a sprite, a Spirit of Nature. She is here to monitor and support our relationship the rich element we are all made of: air, water. earth, fire, and ether. She also has a very special connection with the animals.

These past few days I spend 15 minutes each day to connect and hear her messages and this is how it goes:

Thursday: You are one of us, Maia. A human elemental. It is good for you to be aware of it and take part of the bigger plan. Please connect with your essence as elemental and every morning greet yourself as a magical spirit. you are playful as a fairy and potent as a storm. You are Nature.

Friday: You must know, Maia, that you can be the tree, the child, the firefly, the moon, and all the element of this magical Planet.  This awareness is sufficient for you to become all the elements.  This awareness is the alchemical secret of shapeshifting. ( this message reminded me reminded of the part in the book “The Alchemist”  when Santiago became the wind) . Say hello’ to whatever element and be the experience of it.

Saturday: Today you need water. You need creek water. Go and found it. Immerse yourself in it. Share your prayers with the water and know your preyers are been heard by All Nature.

Sunday: Plan your garden Maia, and design it. Talk with me and follow my directions. By the end of September you will have a little magical garden, to play and delight your spirit with.

Monday: do not forget about me, sweet little girl, I need you to do your work as a human.  Please keep talking to us elementals and know we hear you and support you with in the most delightful ways.

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