The Soul Council

I just came out of a meeting with majestic beings called the Soul Council. What an honor to be in their presence. They are the Higher Council of Wisdom. Their job is to assist humans in infusing higher and higher frequencies into the 3rd dimension, facilitating  the redemption of Pianeta Terra. They wish for all human to be able to channel these frequencies, that none are than the frequencies of each human’s higher self. I ask them about the meaning of being “indigo-wise”. They say it indigo indicates the type of frequency that break through the barriers of the era of the Pisces. We are breaking out of 26.000 thousand years of a very specific type of conditioning regarding of what being humans means. They say “Jeshua came here only 2.000 years ago, to show you the way out of the old cycle”. Jeshua brought the indigo frequencies. He opened the portal for you, all wise children, to come through.” I ask them what deep breathing does for the soul: “ He cleanses you from the past. This is what deep breathing does for the Soul” .. people are so attached to the identity they built upon past experiences that they are terrorized to breathe! Please breathe. And trust. Trust that the path ahead is filled with something greater than you can even imagine.”

To become Love

What does it mean to become Love? It is a practice. You practice going into a deeper level of understanding of what is means to experience life as a  human. Most of us come to life with a certain amount of lessons to master, but most of us grew up experiencing a certain degree of rejection.  To become love is to understand that we are here to transform experiences into wisdom, by gaining a higher perspective into what is means to be human. To become love is a training. You want to become the wise observer of your own experience. Are you able to look at your shortcomings with real compassion? Are you able to look at the shortcomings of others without falling into judgment and condemnation? To become Love is to remember there is always a deeper story. Love requires you to constantly forgive. One way that can help not to judge others not to judge others it is to look at them as little children. Little children are filled with love and enthusiasm.  When adults lose the connection with their inner child, they get lost. It happens for multiple reasons. So, the question is: what happened to that person when he/she was a child?  There is always a deeper story. And there is a deeper story when is about you too. What happened to you from age 0 to 7? Are you able as an adult, to attend to your own personal emotional needs?  Can you see what is happening within? Are you allowing to your self the  beauty and wisdom you deserve? Love has a lot to do with the relationship we develop with our own Inner Child and the Inner child of others. To become love is to rescue the little child that got traumatized by life as a human. To become love is to be able to have an intimate relationship with ourselves and our special loving planet and be able to create an intimate relationship with the Universe. To become love is faith in the goodness of all that is.

6th Chakra

Projector to manifest inner vision into reality. It is the observer that can change the molecular structure of what is out there into what it desirable (like transmuting water into wine!).It is the gateway to other dimensions working together with the 7th chakra to “transmit” information out there. It is the site of Imagination as the most powerful tool to heal body, mind, and soul. Connection with the ocean and dolphins as our companions in the journey of the human awakening. Long distance healing.

5th chakra

In the beginning was the Word: creation and manifestation, expression of choices. Commanding full spiritual presence in the body, banishing fear, shame, and guilt. Setting of healthy boundaries and protection of one’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical freedom. Inner voice that connects heart desires with spiritual vision. When wounded: fear of expressing one’s spiritual, physical, mental, emotional needs. Arrogance in attempt to control inner turmoil. Disconnection between heart and mind. Destruction of self and others.

3rd Chakra

Im traveling so my full blog about my 3rd chakra personal foundings has to wait a little. But here a copy of my homework post on google documents.

3rd chakra: energetic decodification of one’s presence in the world: Why Im here? What are the steps for me to fullfill my destiny?  Masculine essence of will and decision making. Action for change. Relations with stellar beings, where information can be transmuted into action. Third chakra is where the curious energies of the Second Chakra growth into responsibility and self power, before to reach the heart in full maturity. Expression of boundaries. Expression of the need for freedom. Commitment to self love. Commitment to one’s deepest dreams. Commitment to one’s spiritual values.

Second Chakra, founding and messages.

Today I’m connecting with my second chakra. I see a beautiful deep black. The darkness of the Universe. The sound of peace, OM. It is all in there, in that darkness,  in my womb: all the possibilities of creation, all dreams, and all fears of human history. The Mother is there, an ancient presence, ancient as the Creation. The Mother of all. When  I look deeper into the darkness, I see millions and millions of stars. I decide to dive into the energy, connecting with one of the stars, and there I see millions of children, looking at us as humans, and asking for peace. They say we are here to celebrate life. They are asking us to let go of the past so that we can create a world of light. They show me how creation takes place from a thought, a little sparkle of light that give birth to a whole Universe. Millions of Universes, millions of possibilities, infinite possibilities. They ask us to choose life instead of death. They ask us to choose love instead of fear. They ask us to trust the power of songs. They ask us to dance. Im now asking to see what healing needs to take place, for me personally. I see the depth of my pain as a mother and as a woman. Im carrying the pain of all women and all mothers. Im carrying the pain of Mother Natures, crying of sadness for the destiny of her children. I see mamas and baby animals, carrying the deepest sadness I could ever feel. Yes, a lot of pain from the animal realm. A lot of injustice. A lot of death. Im asking for healing. Im asking for my healing to be offered to all living beings. Im now being told to breathe deeply into my uterus with the intention of bringing light into the darkness of human history. Im breathing a beautiful pink golden light into my womb and I’m seeing life is replacing death. A lot of flowers and trees, and a fresh powerful breeze.  The healing power of the breath, the cleansing frequency  of the wind, the medicine of the Holy Spirit, commanding for peace, safety, and celebration.

First Chakra founding and messages

Today I’m channeling my first chakra to see if everything is in order and to help to make changes where needed.. Here we go: “Blessings of being alive!” start that sparkly  energy at the base of my body.. ” .. and congratulation for the manifestations are taking places in your life! Your dreams are coming alive and right now all you need to do is to remember to keep pushing trough the energy .. you are birthing an upgraded of version of yourself, one octave higher of what you were accustomed. Your new self  is more magnificent and expensive that you could even imagine!

Here few practical steps to help you move through the energy: it is like traveling trough the birth canal; you want ease and grace.

1- Go into your garden every morning, barefoot,  and water your plants. You are norturing nature and nature is nurturing you. it is an exchange with your mama, that will help your new embodiment to take place. by merging with nature first thing in the morning first thing in the morning you are celebrating  your presence here, as a daughter of Nature and you are stating your commitment to be in a co-creative relationship with the forces of Nature. Remember to drink a lot of water, with half squeezed lemon, so that the energy of the sun will be with you all day supporting your blossoming into process.

3- Dance! This is one of the most fun ways to state your presence on Earth and will infuse you with powerful life force, joy for life, and courage to take on any and all the challenges that being a powerful being mean..

4- Eat roots .. in particular carrots and beets and sweet potatoes..

5- Give your menstrual blood to the earth as a sacred offering.

When I ask if there is anything interrupting the easy flows of energy trough my first this is what I heard: ” Maia, please do not worry about the future. There is no such a time as the future. Focus on perceiving the here and now of the moment. Moment after moment. Please, be enthusiastic about your daily chores. The only reason your routine feels repetitive and tiring it is because you are trying to figure out things with your mind, instead of remembering you are living a spiritual adventure, filled with the magic of the unknown. Take care of that clutter! Look at it as little children demons that need some teachings about keeping things in place! Everything has a place, Maia. Everything has a spirit and everything has a place to be. Also, focus on reducing consuming and owning objects. Be minimalist. Too much possessions cause  your chakras to be clogged ”



My relationship with Nimble started few days ago, when she visited the Mi intuitive class to introduce her self and her magic to the students. She is a sprite, a Spirit of Nature. She is here to monitor and support our relationship the rich element we are all made of: air, water. earth, fire, and ether. She also has a very special connection with the animals.

These past few days I spend 15 minutes each day to connect and hear her messages and this is how it goes:

Thursday: You are one of us, Maia. A human elemental. It is good for you to be aware of it and take part of the bigger plan. Please connect with your essence as elemental and every morning greet yourself as a magical spirit. you are playful as a fairy and potent as a storm. You are Nature.

Friday: You must know, Maia, that you can be the tree, the child, the firefly, the moon, and all the element of this magical Planet.  This awareness is sufficient for you to become all the elements.  This awareness is the alchemical secret of shapeshifting. ( this message reminded me reminded of the part in the book “The Alchemist”  when Santiago became the wind) . Say hello’ to whatever element and be the experience of it.

Saturday: Today you need water. You need creek water. Go and found it. Immerse yourself in it. Share your prayers with the water and know your preyers are been heard by All Nature.

Sunday: Plan your garden Maia, and design it. Talk with me and follow my directions. By the end of September you will have a little magical garden, to play and delight your spirit with.

Monday: do not forget about me, sweet little girl, I need you to do your work as a human.  Please keep talking to us elementals and know we hear you and support you with in the most delightful ways.

My long time Spirit Guide.

The Spirit that shows up when I ask to meet a Spirit that has been with me long time, has a beautiful elegant long figure.  I ask for his name and he smiles. He says I can call him Wisdom. He tells me he is the Spirit in charge to guard over the masculine  lineage from my mother side, all the way back to the 1600 century. He never been human, he is from the constellation of the Pleiades and he works a in a team of 7 beings. He keeps referring to himself as ‘us’. He says that the 1600 centuries the lineage from my maternal grandfather had a strong a spiritual connection with this specific group of pleiadians. My ancestors were though about energy by their pleading brothers. They were thought  the secrets of the law of Atttraction and how manifestation takes place. They were thought the laws of business and how money flows. This knowledge broth good fortunes to my great grand fathers. Few of them became bankers. With the passing of the years and the moving down the generation, my great grand father got confused by the dense energy of power and gradually lost their connections with these spiritual brothers. The result was that the knowledge got forgotten and the spiritual support weakened.. My guide Wisdom is here now to establish that connection with me. He said he specifically support the  the masculine aspects of my life, helping me when and where action is required. He want me to know that it is in my power to create abundance. He said Im genetically programmed to create bounty with no effort, because of the knowledge that was passed down my lineage. He says that all I need to do is to align, be savvy, and be grateful. He want me to be excited about being the head holder of my family, even tho my family is made just of two. He says my family will grow and people will start showing up because once I will be energetically in charge, I will be like a “big boss” .. he makes me smile and I feel so protected and guarded. He want me to start thinking as an entrepreneur. I can truly feel his presence and love, like a wise father.