Second Chakra, founding and messages.

Today I’m connecting with my second chakra. I see a beautiful deep black. The darkness of the Universe. The sound of peace, OM. It is all in there, in that darkness,  in my womb: all the possibilities of creation, all dreams, and all fears of human history. The Mother is there, an ancient presence, ancient as the Creation. The Mother of all. When  I look deeper into the darkness, I see millions and millions of stars. I decide to dive into the energy, connecting with one of the stars, and there I see millions of children, looking at us as humans, and asking for peace. They say we are here to celebrate life. They are asking us to let go of the past so that we can create a world of light. They show me how creation takes place from a thought, a little sparkle of light that give birth to a whole Universe. Millions of Universes, millions of possibilities, infinite possibilities. They ask us to choose life instead of death. They ask us to choose love instead of fear. They ask us to trust the power of songs. They ask us to dance. Im now asking to see what healing needs to take place, for me personally. I see the depth of my pain as a mother and as a woman. Im carrying the pain of all women and all mothers. Im carrying the pain of Mother Natures, crying of sadness for the destiny of her children. I see mamas and baby animals, carrying the deepest sadness I could ever feel. Yes, a lot of pain from the animal realm. A lot of injustice. A lot of death. Im asking for healing. Im asking for my healing to be offered to all living beings. Im now being told to breathe deeply into my uterus with the intention of bringing light into the darkness of human history. Im breathing a beautiful pink golden light into my womb and I’m seeing life is replacing death. A lot of flowers and trees, and a fresh powerful breeze.  The healing power of the breath, the cleansing frequency  of the wind, the medicine of the Holy Spirit, commanding for peace, safety, and celebration.

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