To become Love

What does it mean to become Love? It is a practice. You practice going into a deeper level of understanding of what is means to experience life as a  human. Most of us come to life with a certain amount of lessons to master, but most of us grew up experiencing a certain degree of rejection.  To become love is to understand that we are here to transform experiences into wisdom, by gaining a higher perspective into what is means to be human. To become love is a training. You want to become the wise observer of your own experience. Are you able to look at your shortcomings with real compassion? Are you able to look at the shortcomings of others without falling into judgment and condemnation? To become Love is to remember there is always a deeper story. Love requires you to constantly forgive. One way that can help not to judge others not to judge others it is to look at them as little children. Little children are filled with love and enthusiasm.  When adults lose the connection with their inner child, they get lost. It happens for multiple reasons. So, the question is: what happened to that person when he/she was a child?  There is always a deeper story. And there is a deeper story when is about you too. What happened to you from age 0 to 7? Are you able as an adult, to attend to your own personal emotional needs?  Can you see what is happening within? Are you allowing to your self the  beauty and wisdom you deserve? Love has a lot to do with the relationship we develop with our own Inner Child and the Inner child of others. To become love is to rescue the little child that got traumatized by life as a human. To become love is to be able to have an intimate relationship with ourselves and our special loving planet and be able to create an intimate relationship with the Universe. To become love is faith in the goodness of all that is.

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