The Soul Council

I just came out of a meeting with majestic beings called the Soul Council. What an honor to be in their presence. They are the Higher Council of Wisdom. Their job is to assist humans in infusing higher and higher frequencies into the 3rd dimension, facilitating  the redemption of Pianeta Terra. They wish for all human to be able to channel these frequencies, that none are than the frequencies of each human’s higher self. I ask them about the meaning of being “indigo-wise”. They say it indigo indicates the type of frequency that break through the barriers of the era of the Pisces. We are breaking out of 26.000 thousand years of a very specific type of conditioning regarding of what being humans means. They say “Jeshua came here only 2.000 years ago, to show you the way out of the old cycle”. Jeshua brought the indigo frequencies. He opened the portal for you, all wise children, to come through.” I ask them what deep breathing does for the soul: “ He cleanses you from the past. This is what deep breathing does for the Soul” .. people are so attached to the identity they built upon past experiences that they are terrorized to breathe! Please breathe. And trust. Trust that the path ahead is filled with something greater than you can even imagine.”

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