My long time Spirit Guide.

The Spirit that shows up when I ask to meet a Spirit that has been with me long time, has a beautiful elegant long figure.  I ask for his name and he smiles. He says I can call him Wisdom. He tells me he is the Spirit in charge to guard over the masculine  lineage from my mother side, all the way back to the 1600 century. He never been human, he is from the constellation of the Pleiades and he works a in a team of 7 beings. He keeps referring to himself as ‘us’. He says that the 1600 centuries the lineage from my maternal grandfather had a strong a spiritual connection with this specific group of pleiadians. My ancestors were though about energy by their pleading brothers. They were thought  the secrets of the law of Atttraction and how manifestation takes place. They were thought the laws of business and how money flows. This knowledge broth good fortunes to my great grand fathers. Few of them became bankers. With the passing of the years and the moving down the generation, my great grand father got confused by the dense energy of power and gradually lost their connections with these spiritual brothers. The result was that the knowledge got forgotten and the spiritual support weakened.. My guide Wisdom is here now to establish that connection with me. He said he specifically support the  the masculine aspects of my life, helping me when and where action is required. He want me to know that it is in my power to create abundance. He said Im genetically programmed to create bounty with no effort, because of the knowledge that was passed down my lineage. He says that all I need to do is to align, be savvy, and be grateful. He want me to be excited about being the head holder of my family, even tho my family is made just of two. He says my family will grow and people will start showing up because once I will be energetically in charge, I will be like a “big boss” .. he makes me smile and I feel so protected and guarded. He want me to start thinking as an entrepreneur. I can truly feel his presence and love, like a wise father.




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