What happens when I transition?

As soon as I ask this question and I close my eyes, I see a deep black color and I hear the word “protection”. And a beautiful couple appears. Both tall and slim. Both with dark long hair, and both dressing in white. They tell me they are my guides. I ask what type of guides. They say they are my Inner Self guides.  I ask for their names and they answer: “ We are you, Maia”.   As soon as they say that, I feel a wave of bliss: the idea of them being me makes me feel very safe and loved!  “We are the feminine and masculine aspect of you. We are your Inner Self”.   I smile to them and they smile to me. They ask me: “What is it that you want to know, Maia?”  I tell them I want to know what happens when I die. They tell me: “It depends on when you are choosing to transition and what are the conditions of your choice. The possibilities are infinite and it truly depends on the reasons and causes of your death. What we can tell you is that in most cases, after you transition you literally feel like you are waking up from a dream. Your life in this tridimensional plan is a holographic experience for you to expand and grow. Most of you don’t fully awaken while on Planet Earth, because the conditions of the dream are very dense. But in fact your every day life it is nothing but a powerful dream. A dream that you can create and re-create at will, with the electromagnetic power of your heart, in conjunction with the forces of the Universe. Most of you get conditioned and hypnotized into the dream, to truly awaken only after you leave. You want to know that death it is a beautiful experience. It is an experience of liberation and expansion, it is a feeling of coming back home after a long journey. If you like, we can take you on a journey, to see what it would happen, if you die now”. I feel a bit scared but I say yes. Im seeing the color black again. They tell me to trust and breathe. I tell them I feel scared and they say it is just a dream. They say even death is just a dream. They tell me to pretend I’m simply watching a movie. They tell me to smile and to fill myself with color pink. As soon as I do that, a deep breath comes in and out and I’m ready. I merge myself with the black and I immediately found myself in the most beautiful forest I has ever see. It is like an heavenly forest, filled with vibrant life. Im seeing children and adults and animals. Everything feels like life is being celebrated at his full potential. It feels like the most perfect bucolic village. My guides explain to me that Im immersed in my own personal holographic creation, representing my most ideal dream for life. They say that after death, this is a gift given to us, as a way to celebrate our return home and start planning the next steps.  I then see my grand parents and my aunt Laura. They don’t see me, but they are there. My guides tell me that if I would die now, these will be the people coming to greet me. I feel scared, because it feels like if they now turn my direction and see me, I would be dying. I immediately open my eyes and found myself here in my living room. I tell my guides Im done with my personal journey on the other side. They laugh. After all it was just a dream.

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