Meet your Higher Self

What is your Higher Self? Your higher self is the version of yourself that sparkles with the light and the wisdom of God. It knows everything about you, because.. it is you! Maybe just a bit wiser and lighter, since it resides a couple of octave higher than whee you are in this 3rd dimensional reality.  Your Higher Self got a wonderful sense of humor and  a lot of wisdom to share. It knows about your journey, your dreams, your struggles, your shortcomings, everything; and it has a graceful and playful way to teach you how to experience your growth as a wonderful spiritual adventure. Here is a practice for you to become your Higher Self, so that in every situation you will know what to do to live a joyful and happy life. First, you sit in lotus pose. Then imagine the best version of yourself you can imagine. That is your Higher Self. It is filled with light, beauty, grace, wisdom, sense of humor, and generosity and it is sitting right here, in front of you. Smile to it, see it to respond to your smile,  and start to converse with it about whatever is in your heart: hopes, dreams, fears, doubts, everything. See and feel how your Higher Self is listening to you with deep compassion and love. And then listen to what it has to say about it. Journal about it, so to have your wisdom all written down. This practice can take as little as 10 minute. Once you are done, invite your Higher Self to be merging with you . See it smiling to you, coming toward you, entering your body, and literally becoming one with you.  A few times a day, feel the feeling of embodying your Higher Self, say hi to it, smile, and know that you are becoming it!

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