Everything is energy

Today, after quite few years of passionate commitment to energy reading and healing, I finally pushed myself to put together a website (thanks to my beloved friend and teacher Robin Eagle Sage) and a blog, where I supposedly share about my experiences, insights, and whatever comes from experiencing the world as energy, more or less condensed into form. More or less, yes. More dense, less dense. It depends on how you look at it and what you do with it. Energy moves constantly.  That is why to read energy is so interesting. You look at something, whatever it is, and a story comes to you, in particular, the past, the present, the possible futures of that specific story. The magic happens when you get the understanding that  in the now of that story everything can be shifted. While you read energy, you work in the now to change the past and the future. Can you feel  how powerful this is ? In the world of energy there is no time or space. Its all in the now. you get to access the quantum field, where everything is constantly created and re-created. And you choose. You use your intent to shape that story in a new way. That is why I’m so passionate about energy reading: with your seeing, you have the power to change the story. And this is exactly how healing takes place. The power of the observer has something miraculous to it… (to be continued)

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